Brethren of Acacia,

Where has the year gone? We find ourselves in the installation season already. I was at the installation of the new master of Edinburgh Defenders a few days ago and it is refreshing to see the growth that is happening in Ottawa District 1.

The installation season across the district will enter its full swing in the upcoming weeks, ours included. I will attend most of those and if your cable tow’s will allow, I would love to see the representation of Acacia as high as we can make them as always. This will also be the main focal point of the upcoming masonic year for me as I believe it is our greatest honor to be able to visit other lodges on a regular basis.

Please join me in congratulating W. Bro. Sam Roberts on accepting the nomination for DDGM of Ottawa District 1 for the upcoming Masonic year. Our support in joining him during fraternal visits next year will be the greatest support that we can show for him. So please try to join us where you are able.

I believe we will be having a couple of motions this month, as well as the installation of the Master and officers for the upcoming year. I congratulate and thank everyone who has stepped into the line for the first time, is moving forward on their journey to the east, or is just filling a spot where the lodge is in need.

I look forward to seeing a brother or two at the meeting this month that we have not seen in some time, let this message be a reminder to everyone that while you have been away for whatever the reason, you have been missed and we look forward to seeing you all again.

Derek Brook,
Worshipful Master