My Brethren,

First of all, I would like to thank Bro. Peter Taylor for reaching out and getting our mailing list up-to-date.

We’d lost contact with Bro. Taylor and were at a loss as to how we could find him. Lucky for us, he reads the printed summons’ and got in touch. It is a reminder that in spite of email, text and social media, the printed summons is still relevant and essential.

Bro. Secretary has been in touch with some Grand Lodge Officers who may be visiting us at this month’s meeting. As well, a contingent from Edinburgh Lodge will likely join in. I hope as many of you as possible can be with us this month to meet our Grand Lodge visitors, and to renew the fellowship we enjoy with Edinburgh.

Following on from your agreement at past virtual meetings, Acacia has made a donation to the WMTL in support of renovations at Westboro Temple. In return for our donation, we will be receiving credits at discounted rates to use the Banquet Hall, once the pandemic is over.

This month’s Masonic Education will be given by Bro. David Kidd. Bro. Kidd is currently living in Hawaii and has done quite a bit of travelling due to work. I am looking forward to learning about his travels outside of our jurisdiction, his observations on the working of masonry in other countries, and his experience in finding and joining with Masons in distant lands. The selling off of our silver lodge regalia is ongoing. If you are looking for an Acacia souvenir, the cost is a nominal $25. Please contact W.Bro. Harrison if you are interested.

As always, W.Bro. Stephen Plummer has been awesome about organizing our on-line get-togethers. If you need a hand with the virtual format, please reach out to W.Bro. Plummer directly and he can help you connect.

Sincerely and Fraternally

W.Bro. Donald Learning
Worshipful Master