My Brethren,

We are living in interesting times. I hope that this note finds you and your family well and that in spite of the Covid-19 isolation, that you are holding masonry in your hearts.

As sad as it was to see our Silver-to-Gold event slip from our hands, time marched on. We are now a 100 year old Lodge and will deploy our new Lodge regalia, and proudly wear our new aprons when next we meet.

W. Bros. Harrison and Lillico have been unrelenting through the darkness. They have been maintaining the Lodge business and Grand Lodge correspondence on our behalf. We will be able to resume in-person gatherings as soon as it is safe to do so. Acacia is alive and well.

W. Bro. Plummer has lead several on-line get-togethers over the summer to keep us in touch. It’s been fun to see how shaggy we have become when we live in bubbles and wear masks! With W.Bro. Plummer’s help we can maintain our spirit of brotherhood until we can meet again in person.

This September, we will obviously not be able to hold our traditional Grand Lodge Appreciation Night or regular meetings. Likewise we could not elect and install a new slate of Officers before the lockdown.

The plan going forward, is to remain dark with regard to in-person meetings and any ritual. When public health authorities deem it safe, we will cautiously resume operations, catch up on degree work, and celebrate the brotherhood we have been missing.

If you would like to join any of the virtual get-togethers it would be great to see you. If you need any assistance, as always, let any Lodge officer know.

Please wear a mask, and stay safe.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

W.Bro. Donald Learning
Worshipful Master