My Brethren,

October was a busy month, and I am sure you share my joy in seeing Bro. Adam Hacker raised to the Third Degree, and to having David Perkins as our newest member of Acacia.

The Travelling Gavel was delivered to us by Edinburgh Lodge, and it is now our obligation to bring it to Goodwood Lodge on Tuesday, November 5. As promised at my installation, I am making an effort to attend as many DDGM official visits as possible, and invite you to join me if it is within the length of your cable tow.

The visits this month are:

  • November 13, Sydney Albert Luke
  • November 21, Mississippi Lodge
  • November 22, Prince of Wales Lodge.

You can find these and other important dates on the District 1 Trestle Board: trestle-board Work is continuing on our 100th Anniversary Celebration. It is scheduled for March 14, 2020 at the Tudor Hall. W.Bro. Harrison will be putting in a bulk order for Gold Bordered aprons, so you should advise him if you wish to join in.

See you all at CGP and our Regular Meeting!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

W.Bro. Donald Learning
Worshipful Master