My Brethren,

Last month was another great meeting. Brother Derek Brook was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason by the Shrine Degree Team. Brother Derek ably proved his proficiency in the former degree. It’s clear there was a great deal of work and dedication by Brother Brook and his sponsors. A job well done. Congratulations!

Next month we will have both a Regular and Emergent meeting. Our regular meeting will be our customary election of the officers of the ensuing Masonic year. As spring is the beginning of a new season so is elections the beginning of establishing the leadership of our lodge for the next Masonic year.

Our emergent meeting will give the newly elected and appointed officers an opportunity to flex their muscles in their new positions. I hope to see a goodly number of you out to support them.

As I mentioned, the Shrine degree team conducted an excellent degree for our Brother Derek Brook. Not only was this an opportunity to see this team conduct excellent work but also a time to learn about the philanthropy the Shrine is known for. It brings to mind the virtue of charity. In our daily lives we are regularly approached by people, co-workers, organizations, etc. requesting financial support. I think charity is not only the change you put in the Tim Horton Children’s foundation box but also the genuine kindness you show to all human beings. I personally know the depth a smile can give when you give a coffee to a homeless person, help someone with a flat tire or even simply assisting someone with heavy bags. Those random acts of genuine kindness will contribute to our growth not only as Masons but as pillars of society.

In closing, we’ve all heard, charity begins at home, pay it forward, do unto others as you would have done unto you, etc. Consider this, charity; “the Mason who is in possession of this virtue may be deemed to have arrived at the summit of Masonry.” Thank you for your support!


W Bro. Sam Roberts
Worshipful Master