Brethren of Acacia,

It is unfortunate that my first summons to you all is of an emergent nature, however, the future of Acacia needs to be decided by all of us.

As you are aware there have been discussions and research as to the future viability of Acacia 561 remaining in Westboro Temple. A special CGP was conducted this past Monday, June 12th, where options for our future were tabled, voted upon, and passed.

This emergent meeting will finalize the vote and officially vote on our future meeting residence. It was recommended and near-unanimously approved, that Goodwood Lodge, 3494 McBean St., Richmond, Ontario would be our new home. Many factors were considered and discussed before voting and it is with great sadness that the decision to vacate Westboro Temple, our home for nearly 100 years, has had to be made.

Your attendance at this emergent meeting is especially necessary and your attendance would be greatly appreciated if within the length of your cable tow to do so.

Derek Brook
Worshipful Master