Brethren of Acacia,

It has been a fast and furious opening to the current masonic year, and I wish to send out a thank you for making the step into the East enjoyable. Your assistance in the proving a third, as well as passing two worthy brethren was very good, especially when we are not fully proficient with these duties due to our recent time away from masonry in lodge.

This month, we will slow it down a bit and take a breath, while we remember those brothers who have fallen over the years for any long list of reasons.

I hope you are all enjoying the new home of Acacia in Richmond as much as I have been, and I look forward to seeing many more of you in the coming months.

Just a friendly reminder that the dues will be coming soon, and if you need to start planning it into your budget, there will be no time like the present. There is also a new electronic site to send your dues by direct deposit. The details are in the Secretary’s Notes of this summons.

Just a heartfelt wish for a quick resolution to the hostilities in Gaza and know that our hearts are with the many families affected by the on-going tragedies.


Worshipful Master