Brethren of Acacia,

Just a quick word of thanks for all the positive re-enforcement you provided to me on my first meeting in King Solomon’s chair. It went very well and made the evening a very enjoyable one for me.

When you get to the Richmond Masonic Hall, take a moment to go to the basement and look at the way Goodwood Lodge has welcomed us. Our name is now emblazoned on the wall down there as part of the community of Masonic bodies who call the hall home. I hope to see many of you there at upcoming meetings as well as our CGP.

This month during both the regular and emergent meetings, we will be passing two very worthy brothers who are continuing their Masonic journeys.

I will be travelling a great deal this year and having a goodly number of masons representing Acacia with me would be great to see. You are all welcome to join me whenever I am out. There is a lot going on in the District this year.


Worshipful Master