My Brethren,

I trust that you all had an enjoyable summer and that you are looking forward to gathering again soon in person.

The traditional GLAN cannot be held this year. In its place, we have a special guest to speak to us at this month’s virtual meeting. Thanks go to RW Bro. Burchill for suggesting the speaker, and to W.Bro. Harrison for extending the invitation.

You will notice our latest Budget delivered with this month’s Summons. W.Bro. Lillico is projecting a small surplus and there is no pressure to raise dues. Likewise, the District is unlikely to raise our assessment and still has unspent money from last year to support the DDGM’s work.

As we begin our first meeting of the year, 3 things stand ahead. We will soon be launching work to refresh Acacia’s By-laws; we will be seeking a successor to relieve our long-serving Treasurer; and we will be asking brethren to plant the thought of masonry in the minds of worthy and honourable men they may know.

I look forward to seeing you at this month’s meeting, and to feeling once again the bonds that we share.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

W. Bro. Donald Learning
Worshipful Master