My Brethren,

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for the turn out at Temple Lodge for our fraternal visit on May 4. It was great to maintain our travelling tradition, and to partake of the Masonic education presented by RW. Bros. Ireland and Christie.

At Acacia’s virtual meeting this month the agenda will be light. We will wrap up the year with an informal focus on Lodge affairs and the usual wellness check. If you are in touch with any Brother who has not been joining our virtual get-togethers, I hope you will share their news at the meeting.

This year, as last, our Lodge has been obliged to remain dark. As vaccination numbers increase, though, we hold growing hope for reopening, the election of a new slate of Lodge Officers, and the resumption of Degree work.

In the interim, direction from Grand Lodge has been received and distributed by Brother Secretary. In summary:

  • DDGM: We will be registering for remote voting of a new DDGM from 12-17 June with actual remote voting on 20-21 June.
  • Other GL Officers: Remote Registration for voting will take place 12-18 July, followed by Remote voting on the 19-20 July.

Direction is expected in due course on what will be authorized for the election and installation of new officers at the Lodge level.

I have no doubt that our pandemic experiences will come to mind from now on when we reflect on the mosaic pavement in the Lodge. Our common experience of life’s changing fortunes is one we can now all share when crossing that pavement.

In closing, please be assured that as soon as Covid restrictions are lifted we will be gathering again for some Breakfasts, holding our BBQ, and greeting each other warmly; hand-to-hand, Brother-to-Brother.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

W.Bro. Donald Learning
Worshipful Master