Brethren of Acacia,

As the turmoil around the world continues, let us continue to remember the values that drive us as Mason’s are to be better and to do better. While many will not understand who we are and what we do, we must continue to be vigilant in the craft. Education is key. Some of the things we hear are funny to be sure, but correction of misgivings will be the only way to grow the craft that to this day, continues to dwindle.

I am very happy to see that travelling is happening again to the levels it was Pre-COVID.

For those in attendance last month, Bro. Joe Burchill did a presentation about his time in Hawaii, and it was very well received by those present. A big thank you from me personally and the lodge in general for the eloquent presentation! We need to reach out to the brethren from other lodges to keep things new and fresh in our own lodges to keep building enthusiasm. There are many brethren out there willing to help if asked, and we are all brothers after all, so go ahead and inquire.

The upcoming month will see us complete the passing of a worthy brother who had to bow out last month for health reasons. Our DD, Kosta Hatzis, will be present for a fraternal visit to observe the degree work. We will also be receiving the travelling gavel from Sidney Albert Luke. We will in turn be delivering the gavel to St. Andrew’s on March 7. A goodly number of Acacia Lodge Members in attendance would be very much appreciated both by the receiving lodge as well as myself.

I look forward to seeing you all online at this month’s CGP virtually, as well as in lodge. Stay safe and enjoy any winter vacations you may be taking, even though this winter has been far from normal.


Derek Brook
Worshipful Master